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Won 4th place in Themed Horror Game Jam #9 - Halloween Edition

Dollhouse is a first-person puzzle horror game set in a house with mannequins. Every doll scene tells a fragment of the story, which gives you answers to progress.

Solve puzzles, unlock doors, interact with items and get to know the story behind this place.

Controls: WSAD - Move, E - Interact, ESC - Pause

Assets used: Abandoned Asylum by Lukas Bobor, Horror Game Floor Generator by Berk Gedik, and a few more...

Crying Sound by: https://freesound.org/people/AmeAngelofSin/

Special thanks to Natalija Manja and Miladin Kolarski for helping me with this project.

Warning: The game contains blood, acts of violence and suicide.

Updated 9 days ago
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsAlex X, Miladin Kolarski, Natalija Manja
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Escape Game, First-Person, FPS, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short


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This game was a lot of fun! I loved the puzzle aspect of it! Though I might suggest having a small warning at the start of the game only because the scenes depicted can be triggering. It was great though, thank you! 

You're welcome! Thank you for playing the game, I enjoyed watching your playtrough. I plan on making new story driven games, but I may return at some point and give the whole story about what happened to the player in Dollhouse. Have a nice day!


Ohh! If you do please let me know, I'd love to play! I look forward to your next creation, thank you again for reaching out! Have a wonderful day too!


I most certainly will, thank you for your interest in my games!

Comments below clip:

You've managed to make a very compelling game here. I didn't play the latest update [3 days ago at the moment of writing], but I didn't run into any snags anyway.

Normally puzzles leave me puzzled, but in your game the natural flow of events kept me going and made me resolve the task to see it through to the end.

Well done and kudos to all involved.

I had a blast :o]

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Thank you for playing our game, I am quite impressed of your ability to quickly solve the puzzles and finish the game, I think you are the fastest one to solve it till now. If you are curious about the update, I added a starting scene, as well as an end credit scene to better show the ending and explain how you are connected with the dolls in the house.

@ Alex X,

I have a thing for numbers, voices and faces. Normally I suck at solving puzzles, but [I think] because I liked this game so much, that it went much better than usual :o]


Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




I enjoyed the creepy vibes and following the story behind each room. Each room revealed a dark aspect of the story. The final puzzle was a nice touch as it painted a rather dark picture of this unfortunate situation. Very creepy and dark game!


This game was pretty different. I liked the story that was involved and the puzzles were fun. I do wish there was a little more to it like better details added into the game. But if we are in the dollhouse I see why its lacking in having extra things here and there considering dollhouses are usually pretty empty other than having furniture. I feel like the ending to the game could be improved though. It just felt like being cut off without any closure.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and valuable feedback. It means a lot to me. I'm currently working on improving the ending, and giving the player a better closure in some sense. Also there will be minor stuff added as well as few fixes.

Nice story driven with puzzles game. Cut-scene would have been nice to end the game but for a jam game was fun to play.

I'm glad you liked the game. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Pretty interesting game! Epic puzzles epic story epic experience all around homie! (Gameplay at 17:42)

I'm happy you liked it bro! I had fun watching your video.


(START AT: 0:00-11:55) A good story is told in the game. It was interesting and the ambiance was just right. GG!!!


I'm glad you liked the narrative, I'm excited to watch your gameplay.


Fun little game, good work :)


Thanks :D


Great game! Thanks for the invite to play! Didn't take us to long to figure it out, really like the stories!

I'm glad you like the game, I am excited to watch your video!

I hope its worth the watch!

I just watched it, it's fantastic, really nice editing!

Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it. Had me worried it wasn't going to be as good as I thought it was ha!


Made a video


Good game, I just wish I was not dumb. Haha

Happy you liked it, I will watch your playtrough.



Glad you like it!

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Amazing game! I loved doing the puzzles!

I'm happy you liked it. Will watch your playtrough.

Hey there, great game, I loved the puzzles! Also, man, what a depressing, dark story, very well done. Keep up the good work! I really enjoyed the book puzzle, got my little smooth brain thinking.


Thank you so much! I just watched the gameplay. Your honest opinion means much to me, as it helps me know what is good, and on what should I focus more on the upcoming projects.

love it thank you 

I'm glad, thank you for reviewing the game

Cool game, I enjoyed it!
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I'm happy to hear that. I will watch your gameplay.

 cool game

I'm glad you like it. I'll check out your gameplay.

nice puzzle game

Thanks! I'm excited to watch your playtrough.

I liked the puzzles in the game! Not too hard for my pea sized brain! Pretty somber story! Great job!


I'm glad you liked it, I'll be sure to check out the gameplay :D


You're too kind! Thank you for making this game!